Do I need Permits for My Event?

Clients are generally surprised to learn that a permit may be required for their event rentals. As an event company we are very involved with many of the local Building and Fire Departments. We work diligently to stay up to date on the state building and fire codes and the town by-laws. We are always educating ourselves and […]

Rent a Tent For Any Event: Weddings, School, Corporate!

The beautiful, fall weather makes it the perfect time for outdoor festivities. How can you turn your backyard into your dream location for your party? When you rent a tent, there are many different ways that you can customize it to your personal style and needs. Do you have an upcoming wedding? School function? Corporate […]

How to Keep Your Tent Cool During the Summer

The beautiful weather in July is perfect for an outdoor party. But, sometimes, it can also be just a little too hot to handle! Don’t let the heat ruin your party. When the thermometer starts getting high, use these tips to keep your tent cool and comfortable. Here’s how to keep your tent cool during […]

Turn Your Backyard Into a Party With a Tent Rental

The month of June is a big party season. There are graduation parties, weddings, and summer cookouts. Sick of searching for the perfect venue for your event? Rent a tent and you can host your next summer party right at home in your own backyard! Here’s how to turn your backyard into a party with […]

Winter Construction Tents

Typically in New England construction work comes to a halt as the cold weather rolls in and the snow starts to pile up. Our climate controlled tents will make sure the show goes on. Completing projects on time means saving money and keeping production going straight through winter. Atent for Rent’s vast array of tents, combined […]

M.A.T.R.A. Tent Show

The Mid-Atlantic Tent Renters Association (MATRA) was started in 1987 with the aim of providing a forum for various tenting industry professionals to help and educate each other about safety and new products. MATRA has grown immensely since its inception, with a full executive board, board of directors, numerous members, scholarships for the children of […]

Food Truck Fanatics!

Food trucks are a great addition to any event. They are fun, convenient, full of variety and, most importantly, they are tasty! From burgers, to grilled cheese, to cookies, to ice cream, to bahn mi, you are guaranteed to find whatever fare you crave for your big event. Boston has a growing food truck scene and […]

HarpoonFest 2015!

  This year marks the 25th year of festivals at Harpoon Brewery. Harpoon is a Boston-based brewery that was founded in 1986 by three friends who enjoyed beer and decided to brew the beers they loved, making them always available for themselves and their friends. The brewery started on the Boston waterfront in a single warehouse […]

Advancing Technology in the Tent Industry

Remember the days when we used encyclopedias and phone books? We do too, but just barely! With technology constantly around us and readily at our fingertips, it’s difficult to recall times like those. Of course, advancing technology has changed every aspect of day-to-day life and it is no different here at Atent for Rent. From […]

Congrats Graduates! Commencement 2015

  Here at Atent for Rent we are gearing up for the busiest of our seasons- Commencement Season. The 10,000+ square foot tents are being washed, chairs and stages being inventoried, and pipe and drape counted and cleaned. Boston is known for a few things, notably its health care, its historic charm, and its many […]

Are we there yet?

Just yesterday I saw flowers poking up through the dirty snow. Is spring finally here? (Forget about the fact that just got snow two days in the past week!) It was a long, cold, ruthless winter for all of us here in Massachusetts, taking a toll on even life-long New Englanders. It was the same […]

Winter Wonderland

Just imagine a venue filled with white and silver glistening with your candle-lit tables, snow flakes and crystals hanging from white branches that are scattered throughout, hot cocoa served during cocktail hour, a horse-drawn sleigh to welcome your guests as they arrive, a quiet snow falling outside. The Winter Wonderland is a popular theme for […]

Summer is Here!

It may have taken a while to arrive, but summer is now in full swing! From summer weddings, to graduation parties, to clambakes on the beach, the summer is a perfect time of year to have an outdoor function. The ocean is an ideal backdrop to any function, but there are things to keep in […]

The Historic Endicott Estate

The Endicott Estate in Dedham is one of our favorite venues to work with. Situated on a 15 acre plot just outside the city, the grounds have large old trees, a beautitful gazebo and an expansive lawn for tents of all sizes. Dedham is a town rich in history and the Estate is just a small glimpse […]

Outdoor Winter Holiday Parties

This winter we had several events on the calendar that were confronted with unpredictable New England weather. If you can pull it off, a party in the winter, surrounded by the white covered ground and snowflakes falling overhead, can be fun and magical! A client featured in a previous post for their Thanksgiving gathering came back […]

~A Little Feedback~

Atent for Rent loves to hear back from our clients “post event”.  It is often time a journey from start to finish for anyone hosting or planning an event and we are happy to be able to help and be a positive part of the process.  Having the opportunity to work with several varieties of […]

Planning a Benefit or Fundraiser

Fundraising events come in many forms: formal galas, car washes, sporting tournaments, bake sales, walks or runs, raffles, etc. If you have decided to take on the task of coordinating or hosting a fundraising event, you don’t have to be overwhelmed and stressed out. Enjoying what you are doing and why you are doing it […]

Corporate Clearspan Tent Rentals

Many corporate clients use tents to create a temporary venue unique to their event or function. Whether it is a large presentation, product launch, ribbon cutting, annual company meeting, or small gathering there are many ways to utilize the blank tent canvas, accessorizing and customizing it to fit your needs. Atent for Rent has a […]

The Sailcloth Tent

The Sailcloth tent is relatively new to the tenting industry. The concept was born about 30 years ago, but it only really set sail recently in the past few years gaining popularity across the country. The sailcloth tent design was created in Massachusetts, targeting clients in many sailing communities along the east coast, but has […]

The Functional Frame Tent

The Frame style tent is more adaptable to its surroundings, allowing for more custom installations than the traditional pole tents. The frame tent, as you might imagine, has a frame structure that allows it to stand freely without the support of center poles and guy ropes. The structure makes it more capable to handle strong wings […]

The Elegant Victorian Tent

The Victorian Style tent offers the same benefits of the party tent with an added elegance. Often referred to as a Century tent or a High Peak Pole tent, the Victorian tents have exaggerated peaks giving them a grander appearance from both the interior and the exterior. The high ceilings and peaks are a great backdrop to […]

The Practical Party Tent

The Party tent has the ability to essentially become an outside room with the addition of sidewall. It is a pole style tent which means it has center and side poles for support like a basic canopy tent; however we have larger party tents available for rental. The party tent also must be staked into […]

Choosing the Best Tent for Your Event!

There are many different styles of tents to choose from when you are considering a rental for your event. Many variables play a part in deciding which tent is best suited to the event space, the theme and any additional rental needs. It can seem overwhelming when we begin to explain the different styles over […]

~ Festival of the Arts ~

This week the crew at Atent for Rent installed a variety of tents for the 15th Annual Boston College Arts Festival. The inspiring event will host a variety of musicians, artists, painters, dancers, writers, sculptors & more that have all come together to entertain and celebrate the arts. You may also participate in several hands […]

Why the Elephant, Atent for Rent?

Did you know that before we had heavy machinery and nifty gadgets to help install tents, elephants often assisted the crew and in some circuses they still do! I was sporting my Atent for Rent hat with the logo and someone commented, “I love how you have a random elephant in your logo!” I told […]

The 117th Annual Boston Marathon: Forever In Our Hearts

Just last night I posted a blog about the great people & accomplishments that encompass the Boston Marathon. The charities that are supported, the funds raised and the thousands of people coming together from all over the world for a common goal. It is not just inspirational, it’s a truly emotional event that brings encouragement […]

The Boston Marathon: Start to Finish!

Our office is open on Marathon Monday as it marks the beginning of our busiest season. It is a nice, quiet day in the office with several businesses and town halls closed, even some roads inaccessible. Still sometimes I think we all wish we could break away from work and join the hustle and bustle on […]

Need More Space? Hosting Impromptu Dinners & Events at Your Home

Don’t let your “cozy” dining room or small entertaining space keep you from hosting large dinner events or holiday parties. There are many ways to create valuable space using your deck, patio, yard, and perhaps even the garage. We have seen some incredible transformations to these spaces for a range of events using our tents, […]

Lakeside Wedding – Hosting Events at Your Home

The amazing transformations that take place to create a unique event space are truly incredible. The possibilities are almost endless with today’s technology and our resources. Hosting an event at your home (or a family member or friend’s house) is unique also in that it creates an irreplaceable memory in that space! Visiting the lake in the summer and […]

Event Staging & Performance Bandstands

Atent for Rent has a wide range of inventory available to create the perfect custom stage tailored specifically to your event! We install everything from small bandstands for casual 4th of July celebrations to custom staging that remains in use all summer long. There are so many tents in our inventory the possibilities are endless. There are […]

Good Old Easter Memories & Fun New Traditions!

We all remember those creepy Easter bunnies hopping all over town this time of year. I really don’t recall much from when I was 4 years old, but I absolutely remember this picture taken in the corner of Burger King. I don’t remember what I ate or what toy I got with my meal, but […]

“Quigs” & The James Quigley Fund: An Inspirational Story!

Jimmy has been with Atent for Rent since 2004. We have seen him grow into the respectable burly man he is today! He is our Permit Expert and In-house Engineer, a valued worker, and a great friend! But more than anything else he is an inspiration to so many of us. Jimmy, or as I like […]

Atent for Rent Hosts ARAM Meeting

Last week Atent for Rent transformed its warehouse into an event space as they opened their doors to several vendors and leaders in the industry, hosting a dinner conference for the American Rental Association of Massachusetts. The featured speaker of the night was the Massachusetts State Police Truck Team.

Under a Magnificent Canopy

A Canopy style tent is sure to add comfort and ambiance to your outdoor functions, transforming a patch of grass into a backyard party experience! When planning an event in a backyard a canopy tent allows you some relief from the sun or rain without sacrificing the beauty of your surroundings. They are aesthetically pleasing, […]

The Right Table For Your Event

Square or Circle? Rectangle or Banquet? How do you know what type of table is going to be the right choice for your next event? When deciding what type of table to use for your next event there are a few variables you should consider.

Tips For Your Holiday Events

The holidays can be stressful and they shouldn’t be. The holidays should be a time to enjoy your family and friends, not stressing about a dinner party or other holiday function. To (hopefully) make your holiday season more cheery and bright, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you through. 1. Only make […]

Oh No! Where’d My Facebook Posts Go?

Two weeks ago we talked about many of the great features of the Facebook timeline for event planners, but there is one big disadvantage that came with the timeline. Your posts do not get shown to as many of your fans.

Follow Us On Pinterest

If your company is not on Pinterest yet and is in the event industry, we highly recommend joining. Take a look at what we’ve used our page for. In addition to repins and followers we have also increased our website traffic because so many users are interested to see the origin of the images. Check out our last post about why […]

What Makes Pinterest So Pinteresting?

What is Pinterest you ask? It’s a place to bookmark (Pin) images and videos you find from around the web. Your pins are visible to other Pinterest users even if they don’t follow your page and you can see the pin boards of others.  If you are considering creating a Pinterest page be sure to […]

The Clear Choice For Construction Sites: Clearspan

A clear span tent or construction site cover can take the guess work out of your next job. The ultimate in design flexibility, a clearspan tent provides a well secured environment for short and long term projects.

Benefiting From A Facebook Timeline

The Facebook Timeline has been mandatory for Facebook pages since March, but some companies are still not taking full advantage of the new offering because they aren’t convinced its any better than before. The Facebook timeline presents a great opportunity to show off your events from throughout the years.


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