The Facebook Timeline has been mandatory for Facebook pages since March, but some companies are still not taking full advantage of the new offering because they aren’t convinced its any better than before. The Facebook timeline presents a great opportunity to show off your events from throughout the years.

One of the easiest and most effective new tools of the Facebook timeline is the “pin to the top” option. This allows page admins to take a post from anytime and pin it to the top of the timeline so it will get shown to fans again in their news feeds and be the first posts seen when someone views your page. If you created a Facebook event for an upcoming event, the pin to top would be a great way to highlight the event days or weeks after your created it.

Another easy tool is the new cover photo. The cover photo space on your profile gives you an opportunity to show more pictures to users right away. Be careful though, do not use the cover photo space for promotion, Facebook does not allow you to present “special offers” in this space and will disable your account if they catch you doing it. Take a look at our cover photo below.

On your personal accounts you’ve always been able to send private messages and now your page can too. The only catch is that one of your fans has to message you first, you can not initiate a conversation. This is great for pages because fans are less likely to air their problems on your wall. Before pages could message someone would complain on their wall and the page would have to offer an email address or phone number so the problem could be solved but many people skip that now and just ask in a message.

Do you have an annual event? If your already on Facebook is very likely you share pictures from it and now with timeline, sharing is easier. You can add the pictures from this years event, add the date and location and share it on your page and then go back and reshare the album with last years pictures so your fans can see the evolution of the event. If you date the album fans can also see the pictures as they scroll back through time on your page.

Head over to our Facebook page to see how we’ve been utilizing the new timeline features.