40x60Vic- Sturbridge 2013

Just yesterday I saw flowers poking up through the dirty snow. Is spring finally here? (Forget about the fact that we just got snow two days in the past week!)

It was a long, cold, ruthless winter for all of us here in Massachusetts, taking a toll on even life-long New Englanders. It was the same story in the tenting industry but as they say, the show must go on!

15x50F - Kraft Feb '15 4

Site cleared of snow

15x50F - Kraft Feb '15 1

20×50 Frame tent with weights

With record snowfall and prolonged cold temperatures, this winter presented a unique set of challenges.  Our customers and crews cleared patios of up to 4’ of snow to create the space for special events. And even when not installing on patios, the ground was frozen for so long that it was impossible in some cases to drive in stakes to secure the tent, even with the help of our heavy machinery. But thanks to our experience, a little ingenuity, and a lot of manpower to clear the snow, we are able to install tents in all kinds of conditions. Here you see a tent that is normally easily staked into the ground but in this case we were limited to using concrete weights to secure it.


photo 4

40×160 Frame Tent

Despite the challenges, we helped create many successful events this winter. In the construction world, however, the challenges hindered many jobs from being completed on schedule.  Fortunately, we were able to help with a number of jobs throughout the state.  Check out the tent in the drydock used to repair and repaint one giant anchor! Take a look at this pool construction that continued without interruption thanks to our tent. A heated tent gives construction crews a dry, warm space to complete their tasks despite Mother Nature’s untimely interruptions. unnamed











The only question is, can we all take a dip in July?