Two weeks ago we talked about many of the great features of the Facebook timeline for event planners, but there is one big disadvantage that came with the timeline. Your posts do not get shown to as many of your fans.

The latest Facebook change was made to encourage page admins to pay to promote their pages. They changed the way your posts are shown so roughly only 10% of your fans will see your updates unless you pay. This number also goes down if you schedule Facebook posts with Hootsuite or other third party scheduling devices, to avoid this just use the Facebook scheduler. There are a few other ways to make sure your fans still see your posts.

1. You could pay. Although its unfortunate, paying to promote a post to more fans could costs you as little as $10 a week and if the post is an important one, like the information for your upcoming event, it would be worth the costs.

2. Start pinning your important posts to the top of your page. As we discussed in our previous posts, this is a great way to show more fans important information.

3. Encourage fans to add you to an interest lists. You could post the directions every few days to show fans how to add you to an interest lists and then they will see more of your updates. For your reference, here are those directions:

  • Open our page
  • Move your mouse near the “Like” Button and hover over it.
  • Click on it and select “Add to the interest lists” or “get notifications”