16' x 16' Hip End

16′ x 16′ Hip End

Atent for Rent has a wide range of inventory available to create the perfect custom stage tailored specifically to your event! We install everything from small bandstands for casual 4th of July celebrations to custom staging that remains in use all summer long. There are so many tents in our inventory the possibilities are endless.

30' x 20' Gable End Bandstand

30′ x 20′ Gable End Bandstand

There are two main styles of tents that we commonly use to create these sheltered performance platforms. A hip end tent that slopes down on the end and a gable end tent that has flat end. The flat end is great for installing against houses and building and also to gain more overall cubic footage or “headspace” under the tent. We use both styles to create some of the custom bandstands by simply installing only one end on the tent and leaving the front side open for your viewing pleasure!

Hip End Bandstand

Hip End Bandstand

We can use concrete weights or water barrels to secure the tent when staking is not permitted, enabling us to install on most surfaces. There are several accessories that we offer such as sidewalls, lighting, sound systems, turf, skirting, railings, stairs, ramps and even a new electric lift.

Our engineer on staff, Jimmy focuses largely on permitting our events. The codes and restrictions vary from city to town, are ever changing and enforced uniquely across the board. The staging systems we install meet and often exceed the codes necessary to satisfy the requirements to ensure a safe event for your performers and your guests.

Gable End Bandstand w/ Mesh Sides

Gable End Bandstand w/ Mesh Sides

We have the capabilities to create custom and site specific CAD drawings when necessary. Depending on the scale of the event, it is often the case that inspectors will require these drawings to approve the necessary permits. Jimmy is very patient and knows how to handle the inspectors as well as work with the clients to ensure everyone is happy!

Stages are used for so many applications, including commencements, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, awards ceremonies, open houses, lectures, speeches, parades, political events, fundraisers, and of course for performances!