Jimmy has been with Atent for Rent since 2004. We have seen him grow into the respectable burly man he is today! He is our Permit Expert and In-house Engineer, a valued worker, and a great friend! But more than anything else he is an inspiration to so many of us.

Jimmy, or as I like to call him “Quigs” or “Quigley”, embarked on a very unique, difficult journey in August 2011. Doctors unexpectedly discovered a softball size tumor on his adrenal gland, that had spread to his kidney and spots on his lungs. Jimmy was diagnosed with Malignant Pheochromocytoma. It had to be scary for him and a lot to handle and manage at his young age. But he has persevered and kept his head held high, with his luscious golden hair growing out to donate to Locks of Love.

All of Jimmy’s family and friends know just how lucky we are to have him in our lives. His good spirit and strong will encourage us every day. His girlfriend, Kathryn Aldrich started a website The James Quigley Fund, that documents his journey and helps raise awareness about Pheochromocytoma. She has been an immense support to Jimmy. One of his best friends and former Atent for Rent extraordinar, “Huff” started a group to support Jimmy as well, Track the Huff.

Despite all of the tests, treatments, surgeries, scans, medications and medical bills, Quigs is always in good spirits, joking, laughing, of course doing by far the best impersonnations I have ever heard! I have the privilege to work with Jimmy every day and his infectious personality has truly inspired me. We all have a lot on our plates as life is generally complicated these days. When I need to vent about my family or work, he is ready to listen. I know I am not alone here. So many people have expressed their love and respect for Jimmy over these past years.

Last night at work, I was nonchalantly tossing out an idea that perhaps Atent for Rent could host a Fundraising event to help bring people together to support Jimmy. The idea was well perceived by the owner and the few people left in the office. Not a minute later, Kevin from Boston’s Baddest Burger walked in the door to rent some equipment and asked if Jim still worked here. Of course, I burst out about how ironic that was to the gentlemen. He handed me his business card and said he would absolutely be a part of anything that was to support Jimmy. It just reminded me how many people Jimmy has impacted, and how important it is to me to support him on this journey! Please go to thejamesquigleyfund.org to learn more about Jimmy and Pheochromocytoma and click here to donate.

Thank you!