A clear span tent or construction site cover can take the guess work out of your next job. The ultimate in design flexibility, a clearspan tent provides a well secured environment for short and long term projects.

Here are just a few reasons why a clearspan tent would be a great addition to your next job or event:

  • Clearspan tents are assembled with box beam aluminum frame structures which make them astonishingly strong; standing up to strong winds and inclement weather.
  • The absence of center poles creates an open and airy feel with no obstructed views and allows for maximum use of space.
  • They can be placed on or around numerous large objects: lights, swimming pools and even trees!
  • Clearspan tents feature an open concept interior space which is ideal for parties or installing a new built-in pool (like in our picture on the above).
  • If your venue is in an area where staking a tent is impossible, clearspan is an ideal solution.
  • Clearspan tents can be simple or they can be easily dressed up for weddings, birthdays and graduations alike
  • Clearspan tents are strong and resilient, they can be installed with glass or hard sides.
  • They can withstand high wind speeds, which really does make them the perfect choice if you are concerned about the weather.

If you would like more information about clearspan tents, please visit the Construction page on our website.