What is Pinterest you ask? It’s a place to bookmark (Pin) images and videos you find from around the web. Your pins are visible to other Pinterest users even if they don’t follow your page and you can see the pin boards of others.  If you are considering creating a Pinterest page be sure to read on to find out why we think its so great!

Pinterest describes their site as a place to organize and share beautiful things that you find on the web. “People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes”. These versatile boards can really be used for anything, but the event industry specifically can reap major benefits from the new site.

Pinterest is made up of mainly 25-34 year old women; who spend nearly 16 minutes per day on the site. This fact by itself is great but, did you also know that 25-30 is the average age for women to become engaged? This data tells us that future brides are very likely to see our pins if we pin images from weddings we have worked on; making Pinterest the ideal social medium for the event industry.

Many pinners will use pin boards to plan in-depth events. They will pin the venues they like, decorations that inspire them and find all of the other accessories needed to make an event a success. Pinterest is a great new medium to share all of the information from events you’ve planned or ideas for future events. Our page shows the events we’ve done tents for and we also have other boards with great ideas for parties.

Pinterest is available as an app on Facebook. If you have a loyal fan base, this app makes it easy for them to see your Pinterest page because pins will be updated on your Facebook page automatically. If you have a large fan base on Facebook, this integration also will help you quickly establish a following on Pinterest.

Pin boards are categorized by type so even if people aren’t following you but click on the weddings & events page of Pinterest they will see your pins. For the sake of your followers and for the potential followers be sure to update your boards at least weekly (if not daily). The less you pin, the less your pins will show up to non followers and the more likely your followers will be board. Take a look at our page if you need some pinspiration for your own pin boards!