Square or Circle? Rectangle or Banquet? How do you know what type of table is going to be the right choice for your next event? When deciding what type of table to use for your next event there are a few variables you should consider.

You should first consider what type of food you will be serving. If you are having an event where meals will be served, a banquet table that seats all 100 guests is not your best option When there is a large group people often prefer to know where they are sitting so a seating chart and name tags are preferred. If there are 100 people at the same table, finding their names could prove tricky.

Exception to the rule: If everyone is having the same meal you will have eliminated the potential confusion and informing guests in advance where they will be sitting, with a number that corresponds to a numbered chart of the table can eliminate the traffic to see the seating chart.

Next you should consider the shape of the space. Your tables need to be large enough for guests to seat comfortably but also need to leave enough space to walk around. When you are shopping for furniture its commonly recommended that if you have a square dining room you should get a square table, or a long room should have a rectangle table, and circle tables work best when there is a lot of room to walk around them since they cannot be put against a wall, all the same principles should be considered when deciding on the tables for your events.

A general rule is that the width of your table should be at least 36 inches wide so there is ample space for place settings as well as food, but if you have elaborate center pieces or multiple course meals, 36 inches may not be enough. Round tables offer a few things that square or rectangle tables do not. Ringing round tables around the edges of a dance floor allows guests to get up and dance and return to their seats without having to maneuver down narrow aisles and round tables also encourage people to sit in groups and chat.

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