~ Festival of the Arts ~

50x60 Clear Gbl Frm '13
50′ x 60′ Clear Tent

This week the crew at Atent for Rent installed a variety of tents for the 15th Annual Boston College Arts Festival. The inspiring event will host a variety of musicians, artists, painters, dancers, writers, sculptors & more that have all come together to entertain and celebrate the arts. You may also participate in several hands on events making for a very interactive and even educational experience. It’s wonderful to see the tents we have installed, merely a blank canvas, become an event space filled with color, art, talent, emotion & beauty!

60x132 Clearspan BC '13

This year is not just the 15th year for the Festival, but the College is celebrating it’s 150th Anniversary!  We installed a 60′ x 132′ clearspan structure in place of the 50′ x 100′ tent setup in years past. We also have two of our clear top tents on campus! This excerpt from the Festival’s Brochure does a great job summarizing the changes this year to the program:

“This year, the Boston College Arts Council is thrilled to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Arts Festival simultaneously with the University’s sesquicentennial. In honor of this milestone year, the Arts Festival will feature a new performance and exhibition venue with fresh, collaborative arts programming. The Stokes Art Tent is a combination gallery and small performance space, allowing for innovative programs, increased access to students’ visual art, and an intimate setting for receptions aimed at celebrating the arts. In addition to our new venue on Stokes Lawn, we have updated the Main Tent in response to the University’s renovations to O’Neill Plaza, increasing the size of the tent and the main stage inside. We hope you will enjoy extra performance space, more seating, and increased visibility and accessibility. Happy Birthday to Boston College and the Arts Festival!”

20' x 20' Clear Tent
20′ x 20′ Clear Tent

We are excited to be a part of such an inspiring event! The Festival runs from Thursday 4/25 through Saturday 4/27. There is so much to do and enjoy, everything from a poetry reading to A Cappella performances. You can see a detailed list of the events, here. Be sure to check it out! The feedback we received from the staff was great.  We are sure this will be another successful Festival!

First, let me tell you that we really appreciate you and your team’s hard work today. We really were thrilled with the tents this year, and we are only one day into festival week! -Victoria

Why the Elephant, Atent for Rent?

Disney Dumbo

Did you know that before we had heavy machinery and nifty gadgets to help install tents, elephants often assisted the crew and in some circuses they still do! I was sporting my Atent for Rent hat with the logo and someone commented, “I love how you have a random elephant in your logo!” I told them the elephant was a powerful symbol and was helping install the tent in our logo. They seemed shocked to hear it could be true and were in disbelief to the point I was questioning myself. Of course we all remember the movie “Dumbo” but I’m not sure that would pass as a reliable source.

Cole Bros Circus
Cole Bros Circus

I did a little research and found out a few circuses that keep the spirit of the circus alive and still have elephants assist to raise their tents. The Cole Bros Circus has been entertaining audiences since 1884 and still takes place under the traditional big top tent! A newspaper article from 1985 refers to “man and beast” working together raising the big top tent as “a modern day miracle handled in a old-fashioned manner.” They actually encouraged people to come view the installation of tent and called it “the show before the show.”

Carson & Barnes Circus
Carson & Barnes Circus

I came across a great blog, “Traveling Circus – An Endangered Species”. The author reminisces about being young and attending the circus with his older brother. He posted a great picture of the The Carson & Barnes Circus big top going up! Another one of the few big tops remaining and entertaining, the Carson & Banes Circus was established in 1937 and still performs today. The Big Apple Circus is in the city for another few weeks. It’s a Circus in the City on a smaller scale, but still a blast for the family and worth checking out!

Atent for Rent, Inc.

As a event rental company we found that the elephants would have been inefficient and more costly to maintain than the forklift, so we don’t currently house any elephants, but the idea is fun! We have been approached to update our logo, rebrand, even change our name. Certainly we see the benefits and possible consequences of such a change, but really we all agree we would have a hard time letting go of the elephant! The elephant is a symbol of prosperity, loyalty, grace, strength and wisdom. It has come to represent our company and our values!



The 117th Annual Boston Marathon: Forever In Our Hearts

keep calm and prayJust last night I posted a blog about the great people & accomplishments that encompass the Boston Marathon. The charities that are supported, the funds raised and the thousands of people coming together from all over the world for a common goal. It is not just inspirational, it’s a truly emotional event that brings encouragement and motivation to so many. Marathon Monday is supposed to be a joyous day, an inspirational day, a day of accomplishment. I’m sad to see a beautiful day tarnished with horror.

mr rogers
Photo Courtesy of Little Tikes Co.

Participates train for months and dedicate themselves to complete this event. This year so many who worked so hard were not even able to cross the finish line. The emotions were very different than years past as these incredibly tragic events unfolded and will undoubtedly shape the future of the Boston Marathon in many ways. Although it has only been a few hours, I am certain Boston will not let this unspeakable event hinder the goals or future accomplishments of the City, the Marathon, and what we stand for. We will always remember the events that occurred today and will keep the victims and memories close to our hearts. Boston is a strong city that will not tolerate this sickening behavior. We will grieve and we will pray, but ultimately we will stand strong and continue on! 


The Boston Marathon: Start to Finish!

Our office is open on Marathon Monday as it marks the beginning of our busiest season. It is a nice, quiet day in the office with several businesses and town halls closed, even some roads inaccessible. Still sometimes I think we all wish we could break away from work and join the hustle and bustle on the streets and in the city surrounding the Marathon. For those of you participating and running to support a cause or family member, friend etc. we certainly wish you the best of the luck! At least those of us not able to attend in person can read about it online.

Boston Marathon Course MapIn addition to being a historic sporting event, the Boston Marathon has become an inspiration for many. There are countless participants that are running with the encouragement of someone or something great backing them. This year there are participants and parents running to honor the victims on Newtown. The Marathon has set up a special marker at the end of the 26th mile to honor the victims as well. For those everyday people who train, sacrifice, and dedicate themselves to this event are amazing! Although I have never participated it is no secret that this race is true journey that tests the physical and emotional limits of most people.

30x50 Frame MGH Hopkinton '13

We install a 30′ x 50′ tent in Hopkinton and more in Newton for the MGH Marathon Team. The MGH team runs to support fighting kids’ cancer and has raised nearly 8 million dollars since being established in 1998. The Museum of Science team is running to raise MGH Marathon Teamfunds for traveling programs that bring science to over 100,000 students annually. Brigham & Women’s Team Stork runs to raise money for healthier babies and moms! All very important causes and impressive feats of monies raised and goals accomplished!

Ahtletes Village 2011 Hopkinton

The “Chronicles of the Traveling Runner” is a great post by a woman who ran the Marathon in 2011. She documented her experience very well. This is an interesting read and insight into the marathon runner’s world.

So, let’s take a step back. How did it all begin? The legend has it that in 490 B.C., a soldier, Pheidippides, ran from a battlefield in Marathon, Greece to Athens to deliver the message of victory, moments after he collapsed and died. Known as the original marathon course, the Athens Marathon course runs from Marathon Bridge to Olympic stadium, 24.85 miles (40,000 meters).  At the first Olympics games in 1896 the legend was honored by a marathon event that ran the course. The U.S. participated in the event and was inspired to begin our own Marathon that began the very next year in April of 1897. The Boston Marathon is now the oldest annual marathon in the world! Runners come from all over the world to participate in one of the most difficult marathon courses! Check out this link to see more about Heartbreak Hill, a unique Boston Marathon feature, and its relation to these statues: What inspired the Creation of the Tortoise and Hare in Copley Square?

Tortoise and Hare - Copley Square  Photo by William Traut
Tortoise and Hare – Copley Square
Photo by William Traut
Plaque on Statue

Today, there are marathons that take place all over the world. The standard distance has become 26 miles although it had previously varied over years and places. In 1908 it is said that the race was extended from 25 miles to 26.2 miles so the race could start from Windsor Castle and finish in front of the royal box at White City Stadium. The New York City Marathon runs through all five boroughs and over four bridges. It is one of the largest marathons in terms of participants with over 45,000 finishers in 2010. But for those of us from Boston, there is no other like the Boston Marathon. Good Luck Everyone!!

Need More Space? Hosting Impromptu Dinners & Events at Your Home

photo 2 copyDon’t let your “cozy” dining room or small entertaining space keep you from hosting large dinner events or holiday parties. There are many ways to create valuable space using your deck, patio, yard, and perhaps even the garage. We have seen some incredible transformations to these spaces for a range of events using our tents, drapery, lighting, furniture and accessories.

15 x 25 frame tentAtent for Rent also has a very talented fabrication team that can create custom sidewall for many porches or patio areas that already have an existing roof structure. We have several size frame tents in stock that can be installed on adjustable legs, with sides, rain gutters, lighting heat, air conditioning, flooring and more. You can essentially create another room in your house!

The frame style tent is a “free photo[1]standing” structure with a metal frame that supports the tent top. The frame tent is still secured by staking or with weights to be sure it remains safe and in place. The pole style tents just have center poles and side poles with guy ropes that support the tent. This makes them easier to install, but they require additional space and have more restrictions. The frame tent can be installed right against the house or existing structure. It can also be installed in smaller yards or on a patio or driveway for homeowners in the city with limited yard space or as an extension of the garage space. Personally I think the garage can be a little tacky, but if done right it can look great. Check out this link on How to Covert a Garage Into a Party Hall.

10x20 frameMy niece’s 2nd birthday was an impromptu garage party thanks to a hurricane. I had a moonwalk and a tent, but I was afraid to even set them up. Her 1st birthday was a success with great weather. We rented a 10′ x 20′ frame tent and had the band, Beatles for Sale, set up under the tent because it was so sunny and hot! That is one thing you can be certain to be unsure about in New England… the weather!

photo 3 copy

There are a lot of ways to decorate and use the new space. I love the concept of utilizing existing furniture
and accessories to really bring the warmth and decor from your home into the new space. You might use plants, patio furniture, lighting, artwork or tables from inside your home to accessorize. Atent for Rent has fabricated custom drapery for the clear top tents to hide the metal frame and adda great accent to the tent. It looks amazing! You can see the stars at night with the clear top. If it is cloudy and rainy, you win too because you rented a tent! Now you can listen to the rain outside and see it pour down the sides of the tent while you and and your guests party on!


Lakeside Wedding – Hosting Events at Your Home

Photo Courtesy of Better Life Foods
Photo Courtesy of Better Life Foods

The amazing transformations that take place to create a unique event space are truly incredible. The possibilities are almost endless with today’s technology and our resources. Hosting an event at your home (or a family member or friend’s house) is unique also in that it creates an irreplaceable memory in that space! Visiting the lake in the summer and spending time on the boat with family and friends is a favorite pastime of mine, so this event was particularly close to my heart.

Getting the house and grounds ready to host a formal event can be a lot of work, even quite overwhelming at times. Having reliable, helpful and informative vendors to work with goes a long way!


Perhaps some of the household improvements/preparations needed to be done regardless of the impending event date. It just might be the kick you needed to cross the rest of the items off that “To Do List”. If you focus on the right improvements, temporary verses permanent, the money spent can increase the value of your home and help maintain the house. In my mind, that is money well spent!

IMG_3208At this particular estate, the grounds were amazing, the lakeside location was a beautiful setting, the perfect backdrop for a spectacular wedding! Our General Manager, Jon, met with the client and developed the concept to build a custom staging system level with the existing patio and abutting roof of the porch above. This design allowed flow from the house to the tent to be wide open and seamless while also creating additional useable space on the patio!


The 40′ x 60′ tent has a beautiful cleartop, natural light into the tent and not obstructing the beautiful view from any space in the house. The tent and staging are nestled between the trees perfectly, helpful to keep the clear tent cool in the summer!  Guests on the balcony above can see down into the tented space and out on to the lake! The house and the tent accentuate each other very well, while not taking away from the waterfront setting!


Some of the other accessories on the installation include the paper lanterns and string lighting adding a great ambiance at night. We also installed leg drapes to soften the metal side poles and side rails to keep the guests safe. The crew, the caterer, the client and all the event staff did a great job putting this together!