Corporate Clearspan Tent Rentals

18 Meter Interior – Presentation

Many corporate clients use tents to create a temporary venue unique to their event or function. Whether it is a large presentation, product launch, ribbon cutting, annual company meeting, or small gathering there are many ways to utilize the blank tent canvas, accessorizing and customizing it to fit your needs.

Atent for Rent has a wide variety of tents that are just the right style or perhaps combination of styles perfect for your next corporate event. The Clearspan structure can accommodate small informal as well as very large, complex events. Often times at corporate gatherings there are a series of events, presentations, dinners, team building exercizes, etc. and the venue must adapt to each event. Tents are the perfect solution!

Flower Boxes
Flower Boxes

These large engineered clearspan structures can be installed on a variety of surfaces. Our licensed CDL drivers can tractor in truckloads of large concrete blocks to site to secure the tent. The manufacturing crew fabricated white vinyl covers to hide the concrete and give the block a clean look. We have also installed custom flower boxes and black banjo fabric to cover the blocks.

photo 4
25 Meter Interior


The metal frame structure that supports the tent allows the tent to stand erect without any center poles. This lack of poles allows for unobstructed views within the tent, and the frame structure is great to secure lighting, projectors and screens to the interior ceiling of the tent.

25 x 45 Meter on Pier
25 x 45 Meter on Pier


The heavy duty engineered frames can withstand higher winds and more inclement weather than the traditional pole style tents. We installed solid glass windows on this structure to minimize noise from the wind and city surroundings. The white walls blocked out the construction views, while the clear walls accentuate the city views, and the view of the establishment that was celebrating its grand opening events.

~ Festival of the Arts ~

50x60 Clear Gbl Frm '13
50′ x 60′ Clear Tent

This week the crew at Atent for Rent installed a variety of tents for the 15th Annual Boston College Arts Festival. The inspiring event will host a variety of musicians, artists, painters, dancers, writers, sculptors & more that have all come together to entertain and celebrate the arts. You may also participate in several hands on events making for a very interactive and even educational experience. It’s wonderful to see the tents we have installed, merely a blank canvas, become an event space filled with color, art, talent, emotion & beauty!

60x132 Clearspan BC '13

This year is not just the 15th year for the Festival, but the College is celebrating it’s 150th Anniversary!  We installed a 60′ x 132′ clearspan structure in place of the 50′ x 100′ tent setup in years past. We also have two of our clear top tents on campus! This excerpt from the Festival’s Brochure does a great job summarizing the changes this year to the program:

“This year, the Boston College Arts Council is thrilled to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Arts Festival simultaneously with the University’s sesquicentennial. In honor of this milestone year, the Arts Festival will feature a new performance and exhibition venue with fresh, collaborative arts programming. The Stokes Art Tent is a combination gallery and small performance space, allowing for innovative programs, increased access to students’ visual art, and an intimate setting for receptions aimed at celebrating the arts. In addition to our new venue on Stokes Lawn, we have updated the Main Tent in response to the University’s renovations to O’Neill Plaza, increasing the size of the tent and the main stage inside. We hope you will enjoy extra performance space, more seating, and increased visibility and accessibility. Happy Birthday to Boston College and the Arts Festival!”

20' x 20' Clear Tent
20′ x 20′ Clear Tent

We are excited to be a part of such an inspiring event! The Festival runs from Thursday 4/25 through Saturday 4/27. There is so much to do and enjoy, everything from a poetry reading to A Cappella performances. You can see a detailed list of the events, here. Be sure to check it out! The feedback we received from the staff was great.  We are sure this will be another successful Festival!

First, let me tell you that we really appreciate you and your team’s hard work today. We really were thrilled with the tents this year, and we are only one day into festival week! -Victoria