Food Truck Fanatics!

Food trucks are a great addition to any event. They are fun, convenient, full of variety and, most importantly, they are tasty! From burgers, to grilled cheese, to cookies, to ice cream, to bahn mi, you are guaranteed to find whatever fare you crave for your big event.

A unique wedding catering set up
A unique wedding catering set up

Boston has a growing food truck scene and now hosts multiple festivals and markets where you can sample a variety of cuisines. When planning for your event, check out the SoWa Market at This annual market is open every Sunday from May 4 – October 26, 2015 from 10am – 4pm. SoWa Market has more than 35 food truck vendors, highlighting the best that Boston has to offer.

If you’re looking for a more competitive edge to your food truck hunt, check out the Providence/Boston Food Truck Showdown on June 6th at India Point Park in Providence, RI. This festival puts Boston and Providence’s best food trucks head-to-head, and YOU decide which you like best. For more information, click here.

How about a cookie or cupcake truck at your child’s birthday party? Or perhaps a taco truck at the next big graduation party? Or maybe a truck that serves up seaside delicacies at your next beach party? Or go off the beaten path and have your whole wedding catered by food trucks! This tradition has been popular for late night snacking after dancing all night and building a hefty appetite, but bringing in the trucks for the main course makes for an exciting (and delicious!) alternative to traditional catering. And bonus! Food trucks usually do not require additional power distribution or dishware from an outside vendor. Though keep in mind that not everyone may like the offerings, so two or more food trucks might be a good idea. And also remember that most food is made to order, so wait time should be a consideration. Consider having either stationary or passed hors devours during cocktail hour. No one likes “hangry” wedding guests.

Last year we did the tents for one of our favorite wedding set ups. This couple wanted something unique so they made the food mobile. As you can see in the above picture, they created a casual dining area covered by bistro lights to connect their main tent with their food truck area. This wedding was certainly one that all the guests will remember.

A Cookie Monstah ice cream sandwich.
A Cookie Monstah ice cream sandwich.
Roxy's delicious looking grilled cheese. Photo courtesy of
Roxy’s delicious grilled cheese. Photo courtesy of


Some of our staff favorites for local food trucks are Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese, Teri-Yummy, Mei Mei Kitchen, and The Cookie Monstah.

HarpoonFest 2015!


Photo courtesy of @alexgbrady via Instagram
Photo courtesy of @alexgbrady via Instagram

This year marks the 25th year of festivals at Harpoon Brewery. Harpoon is a Boston-based brewery that was founded in 1986 by three friends who enjoyed beer and decided to brew the beers they loved, making them always available for themselves and their friends. The brewery started on the Boston waterfront in a single warehouse space and now has two fully operational brewery locations, one in Boston, MA and the other in Windsor, VT.

Harpoon hosts multiple functions throughout the year and supports various charities throughout New England through their Harpoon Helps initiatives. In addition to the many events each month, they have 5 festivals each year.

Atent for Rent has been working with Harpoon since their first OctoberFest in October of 1990. The scale of the event has grown immensely and they now house over 20,000 people over the weekends of the May HarpoonFest and the OctoberFest events. Along with their growing guest count, their tent needs have increased along with it.  The tents for the OctoberFest in 2015 covered over 27,000 square feet, providing ample space for their record-breaking event.

Photo courtesy of @joebreezyradio via Instagram
Photo courtesy of @joebreezyradio via Instagram










Photo courtesy of @toaststudio via Instagram
Photo courtesy of @toaststudio via Instagram

The festivals are events loved by people all around New England, and are particular favorites amongst college students in Boston. Take a look at these photos courtesy of event-goers, doesn’t it look fun? This year’s HarpoonFest is taking place May 16 and 17, 2015. Cover charge is 20.00 (cash only!) and includes a souvenir pint cup, one (1) drink ticket. In addition to the great beer, there are tons of local bands playing live and many food vendors. Of course, you must be 21+ to enter.

The event is rain or shine, but don’t worry- we have you covered.

To learn more, visit

Photo courtesy of @pdecoteau via Instagram
Photo courtesy of @pdecoteau via Instagram

Congrats Graduates! Commencement 2015


120x260 Victorian Commencement Tent
120×260 Victorian Commencement Tent

Here at Atent for Rent we are gearing up for the busiest of our seasons- Commencement Season. The 10,000+ square foot tents are being washed, chairs and stages being inventoried, and pipe and drape counted and cleaned.

Boston is known for a few things, notably its health care, its historic charm, and its many top rated colleges. In celebration of the graduates completing years of intense schooling, the colleges and the universities in the area plan weekend-long events. While students wrap up their final exams and papers, colleges and universities focus on beautifying their grounds and preparing for thousands of attendees.

120' x 180' Victorian Tent
120′ x 180′ Victorian Tent

The third weekend in May is historically the busiest for Atent for Rent. This year is no different. We prepare for commencement season starting as early as the year prior, working with university officials to make the following year’s commencement that much more memorable than the last. Not only does the actual installation take a lot of planning, but also requires many logistics in preparation for the events. Towns require multiple permits, public safety officials on site, and crowd control to ensure the safety off all graduates and attendees.

Gym Stage Chair Setup '08 1




120x380Vic - Country Flags '13 During commencement season this year, we will install over 335,000 square feet of fabric. That is the equivalent of 7.69 acres, 71 NBA basketball courts, over 6 White Houses, and nearly 4 Versailles Palaces! In addition to the tents, we provide nearly 60,000 chairs. Then we do flooring, staging, and lighting for nearly all of these tents. Needless to say, we stay busy here during commencement season.  Our crew of 60, office staff of 8, and fleet of 12 trucks and 2 tractor trailers work around the clock to meet the needs of our clients. Take a look at this incredible time-lapse video installing one of the large commencement tents.

Bentley 25M Commencement '11

To all the graduates in and around Boston- Congratulations!