Need More Space? Hosting Impromptu Dinners & Events at Your Home

photo 2 copyDon’t let your “cozy” dining room or small entertaining space keep you from hosting large dinner events or holiday parties. There are many ways to create valuable space using your deck, patio, yard, and perhaps even the garage. We have seen some incredible transformations to these spaces for a range of events using our tents, drapery, lighting, furniture and accessories.

15 x 25 frame tentAtent for Rent also has a very talented fabrication team that can create custom sidewall for many porches or patio areas that already have an existing roof structure. We have several size frame tents in stock that can be installed on adjustable legs, with sides, rain gutters, lighting heat, air conditioning, flooring and more. You can essentially create another room in your house!

The frame style tent is a “free photo[1]standing” structure with a metal frame that supports the tent top. The frame tent is still secured by staking or with weights to be sure it remains safe and in place. The pole style tents just have center poles and side poles with guy ropes that support the tent. This makes them easier to install, but they require additional space and have more restrictions. The frame tent can be installed right against the house or existing structure. It can also be installed in smaller yards or on a patio or driveway for homeowners in the city with limited yard space or as an extension of the garage space. Personally I think the garage can be a little tacky, but if done right it can look great. Check out this link on How to Covert a Garage Into a Party Hall.

10x20 frameMy niece’s 2nd birthday was an impromptu garage party thanks to a hurricane. I had a moonwalk and a tent, but I was afraid to even set them up. Her 1st birthday was a success with great weather. We rented a 10′ x 20′ frame tent and had the band, Beatles for Sale, set up under the tent because it was so sunny and hot! That is one thing you can be certain to be unsure about in New England… the weather!

photo 3 copy

There are a lot of ways to decorate and use the new space. I love the concept of utilizing existing furniture
and accessories to really bring the warmth and decor from your home into the new space. You might use plants, patio furniture, lighting, artwork or tables from inside your home to accessorize. Atent for Rent has fabricated custom drapery for the clear top tents to hide the metal frame and adda great accent to the tent. It looks amazing! You can see the stars at night with the clear top. If it is cloudy and rainy, you win too because you rented a tent! Now you can listen to the rain outside and see it pour down the sides of the tent while you and and your guests party on!


Under a Magnificent Canopy

A Canopy style tent is sure to add comfort and ambiance to your outdoor functions, transforming a patch of grass into a backyard party experience! When planning an event in a backyard a canopy tent allows you some relief from the sun or rain without sacrificing the beauty of your surroundings. They are aesthetically pleasing, making them perfect for social events like company outings, showers, birthdays and graduation parties.

20' x 30' Red & White Canopy
20′ x 30′ Red & White Canopy

The Canopy tents are small center pole tents that are supported by a system of poles and guy ropes. They require 10 feet larger than their actual dimensions and need to be staked. The lack of a sidewall makes the canopy perfect for warm weather. The Canopy also allows for a less expensive alternative to some of the more complex tents that allow sides. The simplicity of this tent also enables us to allow our customers to install and remove on their own to save even more money!

Flowers work great to hide the stakes!
Flowers work great to hide the stakes!

You can pick the tent up a few days prior to your event and return it to us a few days after. This gives you time to decorate the tent and get ready for the party ahead of time and leaves you in no rush to break it down afterwards. You should be enjoying the party as well! The poles on the canopy tents conveniently breakdown to fit in any sized car. (Well maybe not a Smart car)

So, whether you are having a BBQ, school function, yard sale, open house or just want to throw a good party, our canopy tents could be just what your looking for.  Email us to rent a canopy tent for your next party or event at your home or at your business, whatever your needs, let us help you set the scene.

Check out this instructional video of how to install the canopy, should you decide to save some bucks and do it yourself!   Click here to view video