Repair, Sewing, and RF Welding


Full Tent Repair Services

We offer full tent repair services, including: RF Welding replacement panels; sewing tears and rips; re-stitching and reinforcing old, disintegrating seams, sewing new straps; re-lacing rope on sidewalls, tents and awnings. When we remove a client’s fabric, we note all repairs and items that we recommend replacing or repairing before the next season and provide competitive pricing to complete the work during the off season.

Our manufacturing team also has a mobile sewing machine that can be brought to site to manufacture custom materials, ensuring a perfect fit every time. In addition to repairing our own fabric inventory and customizing installations, we have begun production on our own line of fabric barrel & weight covers. We also make our own tent flags, pole covers and many other useful things around the warehouse! Call us today to get a quote on any sewing needs you may have.

Our RF Welder also allows us to manufacture custom fabric to fit in unique spaces. Our team can fabricate sides for porch enclosures, or entire tents for patios and long-term installations. We can also manufacture custom marquees that account for turns and odd angles, eliminating the use of gutters to join marquees together. Having the ability to customize the fabric allows us to create a better product and sometimes affords us a solution to an otherwise “untentable” area – a word we do not use in our vocabulary often.

Repair, Sewing, and RF Welding